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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Forest Fire Management Headquarters

Minister of Natural Resources David Ramsay was in Chapleau on Tuesday morning along with MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin Mike Brown for the official opening of the new Forest Fire Management Headquarters.

The following is a press release from the MNR:

CHAPLEAU — The Ontario government has made northern communities safer and is protecting the region’s forest resources by completing construction of a $2.4 million forest fire management headquarters in Chapleau, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay announced today.
"The Chapleau headquarters will ensure fire response staff are close to fire-prone areas so they can more effectively protect people, their property and our valuable forest resources," said Ramsay. The government is working on behalf of northerners to overcome the unique challenges of Northern Ontario and build stronger northern
The new fire management headquarters will hold 60 fire and
aviation personnel during the forest fire season. The complex will include offices, a lunchroom/meeting room, space for fire response planning and coordination, a communications room, an equipment area and a warehouse.

Construction of the Chapleau headquarters began in September 2005. Staff will move in this fall. The project is part of ReNew Ontario, the McGuinty government's strategic five-year, $30 billion infrastructure investment plan. "The Ontario government is committed to investing in essential infrastructure in Northern Ontario ," said Minister of Public Infrastructure Renewal David Caplan. "We’re helping communities in the north protect the health and safety of their residents as well as the northern economy and environment."

In the photo (from left to right) are Minister David Ramsay, Chapleau Mayor Earl Freeborn, Brian Schulz, Fire Services Coordinator, Wes Woods, Chapleau Fire Management Supervisor, Charlie Lauer, ADM, Field Services, Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Mike Brown and Ken Gibbons, Manager, East Fire Region, Sudbury.

Oh did I forget to mention??

We're giving away $1000 dollars?!


$1000 in CASH!

Plus great weekly prizes, but shh they're still a secret!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Steamy hot chickens!

Congratulations to Germaine Duguay the winner of 20 pieces of chicken from the Columbia Restaurant.

We hear Germaine shared his prize on Friday with Township of Michipicoten employees, hope everyone enjoyed your piece!

Keep listening for your chance to win!

From the home of great pizza, The COlumbia Restaurant where the pizza hotline is 856-1300, and the station where the winning is easy... JJAM FM!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A funny cartoon...

Here's a funny cartoon I found on the grand World Wide Web!

This radio funny is brought to you by radio411.com!

Because my job is cool...

Are you getting excited about the biggest contest in JJAM FM's history?! I AM!

However, I still can't tell you what it is! I've had a couple people try to guess... you might have been right, you might have been wrong but guess what.. even if you were I wouldn't have told you so! That's why it's a secret! haha.

But I can tell you it's HUGE! Well not literally HUGE like an elephant HUGE but it's BIG like a light up your eyes BIG and HUGE!! (There's your hint for today... although we're not giving away any elephants. Or are we....)

I had a great time at the 24th Annual Wawa Salmon Derby. I know some of you thought I might have been over-exaggerating my love of the fish cleaning station, but seriously I spent all my time over there. It's mesmerizing what can I say?! lol. It made me want to go fishing seeing all the big fish roll through there. I've never been salmon fishing before... anyone want to take me? haha.

This is a busy week here at JJAM... Wednesday I was at the Arena in Wawa from 3-7 pm, and I'll be there again today from 3-7 pm, and Friday from 2-6 pm because "World Sound and Vision" is in town and they've got the best in audio systems and big screen tvs. Check it out!

Saturday we'll be live on location at Canadian Tire in Wawa as the Mowbrays say "Thank You" for 4 great years. They're off to new and exciting things and we wish them all the best.

What else? Well, Jesse Johnson is making his debut this week as your main man in the air chair from 5 to 7 pm! And don't forget to catch Jesse on the Friday Night All Request Hotline, brought to you by Northern Lights Ford. Friday nights from 6-10 pm... you call the shots because we're lazy. Nahhhh, we're not lazy just unmotivated. One of my brothers has a t-shirt with that on it, has to be one of the truest statements I've ever heard. However, we're not lazy or unmotivated, just kind. :D

Tomorrow we'll give away 20 pieces of chicken from the Columbia Restaurant. Keep listening for your chance to call in and qualify to win.

That's all for now!


P.S. What's everyone hating on Kevin Federline for? I think his performance on the Teen Choice Awards was definetely "one of a kind." Nobody will ever be able to top that! :P Head to Youtube.com and type in "Federline" and you'll find it. I'd post a copy of the video right on the blog but that would be some kind of copywright infringement, and we wouldn't want to be infringing...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Someone's got GAS!

Congratulations to Dave Carole!

Dave won $107.00 in free gas from the JJAM Summer Gas Giveaway!

Keep it tuned to 107.1 Wawa or 1007. in Chapleau for our next BIG super HUGE contest EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Happy birthday to us.. happy birthday to us... happy birthday to uss... you're going to love us soo much!

Chicken Fridays.. cluck cluck!?

Congratulations to Tamara Liddle the winner of 20 pieces of Myles' chicken from the Columbia Restaruant.

Enjoy your chicken Tamara!

Keep listening for your chance to win next week with Mel in the Morning!

The Biggest Freakin' Contest EVER!

Well, if you were listening to the Rick Labbe radio program on Thursday afternoon... you know that the boss got a little excited, and might have let slip a little more than he should have. I figured if your a good listener that served as hints enough for the past few days! ;)And no... we are definetely NOT going bankrupt that I assure you!

Now.. on to your hint for today! (It's Friday so i'm feeling generous!)

Here it is::

Now... off you go and enjoy the weekend! It's supposed to be rainy and cloudy and just not nice. And for that you can blame Environment Canada! :P

Oh, and don't forget to drop by the Wawa Salmon Derby on Saturday! Come say Hi! (You know where to find me... lol)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hint # 2 -- For the BIGGEST CONTEST EVER!!

Here's your hint for Tuesday August 15th, it's for all the math and logic geeks out there, but it's simlpe enough for the people like me who dropped Grade 12 calculus in favor of history classes! :D

QWERTY / 2 + (SHIFT) = ????

Happy Guessing!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Here's your hint for today! Good luck trying to decipher this one...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chickens on Friday?

Congratulations to Carol Peters the winner of 20 pieces of chicken from the Columbia Restaurant!

It's Myles' chicken, it's brand new, and it's goood!

Listen for your chance to win all throughout the month of August.

Because giving things away is fun... and I secretly love tormenting those who rapid dial but never get their name in the draw. Just kidding. Keep trying!!

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