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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well Hello Again!

Ok, so I'm a horrible blogger! I apologize. I shall work on that. It's been busy around here lately, and I've been trying out some magic tricks with being in as many as 3 places at one time. I'm also going to work on bringing my camera with me everywhere... I have a new purse and it's pretty big so it should fit. hehe. So look forward to pictures coming soon (I know I've said that before but this time I mean it)!

So what's new? Well... let's see how much I can remember (I have the world's worst memory I'm sure, but somehow I can remember tons of phone numbers. I've probably got yours memorized!)

- Last weekend I was in Chapleau at the Chapleau Auto Parts Open House. It was a whole lot of fun with frisbees, balloons, BBQ, ATV Rides, and more! A BIG thank you to Jacques, Claude, Karen, Paul, Ron and everyone else.

- Some of our recent pizza winners include Dick Watson and Craig Filion. Dick recently told me his pizza was "great and huge". Glad you enjoyed it Dick! Keep listening for your chance to win an 18" stuffed crust meat lovers pizza on Friday mornings from the Columbia Restaurant.

- We've got a new sponsor for The Birthday Club! It's your favorite little corner store, the Wawa Handy Store. AND as an added bonus we're giving away ice cream cakes on Friday mornings now. If you're celebrating a birthday that week, your name goes in the draw! Yummy!

- We've got a new contest just in time for summer. Starting on May 28th we'll take qualifiers for our Summer Camping Contest! Keep listening for more details on how you can win this $200 dollar prize.

- We've been giving away Subs all this week from Subway. You could win one tomorrow.

And that's about all I can remember for now. So much happens around here, sometimes I lose track of what day it even is. lol Anyone want to be my personal secretary?

Oh! And I also learned that Snowcake is coming out soon! Definetely check it out, the scenery is good and the movie's not bad either! :o)

I better get back to business....

Until next time my friends, take care. Please remember not to drink and drive, or drink and boat this weekend, good luck to everyone heading out for the start of Pickeral/Walleye fishing, and have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.


** I included this joke in the post today because it does provide a little chuckle, but more importantly, it reminds us that sometimes we don't think about what we're doing, and I want to talk to you all again on Tuesday morning so a friendly reminder about boating safety was in order. Also, you'll notice neither of these 2 gentlemen are wearing proper floatation devices. They might be a pain in the a$$ but they also just might save your life. From the safety conscious desk of Mel in the Morning!


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