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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More fun in the morning!

Hey everyone!

Long time no talk I know... I've been busy busy these days! But... because you've been so patient with my horrible blogging skills I've discovered how to be technologically savvy! (Yes, be impressed!)

From time to time I'll be loading NEW Audio Bits!!

Enjoy this morning's collection..."Plungee Bowling" and "Corn Cob Rocket."

I've also got pictures from Strongman to post as well! I had a blast there, can't wait until next year! For more information on Strongman Challenge Dubreuilville just check out their website @ http://www.strongmanchallenge.com/. (Pictures are coming soon! Once I make another page... hang in there... I'm devoting much of my afternoon today to updating and revamping the blog! :P)



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