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Friday, July 28, 2006

Pizza Friday!

Congratulations to Michelle Thayer this weeks winner of 2 medium pizza's from the Columbia Restaurant in Wawa!

Tune in next week as Pizza Friday gets a little chickeny?

The Columbia Restaurant introduces Myles' Chicken! And it's Mmm Good! Listen for your chance to win 20 pieces for the Month of August!

Pizza...er.. Chicken Fridays brought to you by The Columbia Restaurant, if you're hungry the pizza hotline is 856-1300, and your favorite radio station... JJAM FM!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Pizza Friday!

Congratulations to Steve Morin of Wawa who won 2 medium pizzas from Pizza Friday on Friday July 21, 06.

Keep listening this week for your chance to qualify to win from the Columbia Restaurant, if you're hungry call the pizza hotline @ 856-1300, and the station that loves to make you a winner... JJAM FM.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Contest Alert!

Introducing the JJAM FM Summer GAS Giveaway!!

We're giving you the opportunity to win $107 in free gas!

We know that summer means travel, and we want to help make that a little bit easier!

So listen for your cue to call for your chance to drive away with a full tank and $107 dollars in free gas!

From the station that loves to make you a winner... JJAM FM!

Chapleau Nature Festival July 12-16 2006

Well, I had the pleasure of attending this years annual Chapleau Nature Festival! And what an awesome time I had!

First of all i would like to thank everyone in Chapleau for making me feel right at home during the festival. :D

One of the highlights of every nature festival include the fiddling and stepdancing competition. With participants from all over Ontario, it's one of my favorite events of the weekend! When they all got together at the awards ceremony on Saturday night, it was a treat for everyone in the Moore Arena!

The festival also brings in great entertainment year after year, and this year was no exception. Thursday night festival goers were entertained by La Volee D'Castors. On Friday night it was a performance by BAM! Percussion, and Martin Lawrence and Vern Chechoo. I was almost lucky enough to win Lawrence's Bingo game.. but alas, I was sunk with G52! Dang! lol

On Saturday night following a day of activities which included water bomber displays, horse and buggy rides, scuba diving, and soo much more, we were entertained by our Canadain Idols, Melissa O'Neil and Rex Goudie. It was a great show, and the two were extra friendly behind the scenes as well.

Like I said, I had a blast in Chapleau last weekend. I brought my mom along with me for some mother daughter bonding time! lol

I leave you with a video performance from the boys of BAM! Percussion! If you would like to see more, just head on over to bampercussion.com!

Pizza Friday!

Congratulations to Mary-Ann Mitrikas of Wawa, who won 2 medium pizzas from the Columbia Restaurant for Pizza Friday on July 14th!

Keep listening for your cue to call in and win!

Don't forget the pizza hotline is 856-1300!

Pizza Fridays... on your favorite radio station, JJAM FM!


Congratulations to Georgia Morin of Chapleau who won $107 in cold hard cash with our Summer Cash Giveaway on Friday July 14th!

Keep listening to JJAM FM for your chance to win!

On the station where the winning is easy... JJAM FM.


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Mel :)

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